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Different Colors and Styles

The popularity of a website is directly linked with the number of visitors browsing through the various product/service pages. A quantitative figure would therefore help business owners to take quick decisions on how to strategize their sales pattern and devise new business methodologies. However most standard website templates hardly give you an insight into how many visitors you have been getting daily, weekly or overall. The Free Hit Counters are one such innovative tool that addresses this growing need.

The Free Hit Counter comes in various layouts, so that integrating one of them into your website or blog doesn’t need any tweaks or layout changes. From the simple text interface to the dazzling range of dynamic Free Hit Counters, you could choose one that suits your business needs. While some counters provide you a consolidated hit count, the other provide you information on Yesterday’s count, overall count and also number of users online. There are the Free Hit Counters that have the text label –“Visitors count” explicitly mentioned on top and we also have samples which simply provide the numeric figure without any heading texts whatsoever.

Hit Counter HTML Code

With the Free Hit Counters companies and business owners stand a chance to save some money. How? Well, developing and integrating a Free Hit Counter usually takes sound programming knowledge. Which is why business organizations often use to hire web programmers at high hourly rates to develop such applications. However, our Free Hit Counter is a compact solution that comes absolutely free. The integration steps simply involve a copy-paste operation and is therefore a quick action. All you need to do is choose the Free Hit Counter layout that meets your needs, choose a color, click on the “Grab It” button, copy the HTML code and paste it onto your website.

The Free Hit Counters can be seamlessly integrated with most of the popular CMS, Blog-engines, web hosting providers and all leading public forums.

Installation and integration of the Free Hit Counters is absolutely simple and involves no time-consuming operations.

  • Choose your favorite Free Hit Counters layout. It could be a simple text or dynamic variation. You could also choose the ones which display “Visitor Counter” on top.
  • Choose the color that suits your website layout. Every website/blog requires a different color. That is why we are offering you a range of colors to choose from.
  • Now click on the “Generate Counter” button to generate a simple piece of HTML code.
  • Right-Click on the code. It should typically get highlighted in blue.
  • Depending upon your Operating System type and configuration, you should see a prompt message “Copy Selection” or similar.
  • Click on it to copy the piece of code.
  • Paste the HTML code into your website.

Free Service, no Charges, no Fees

The Free Hit Counter has gradually grabbed immense attention and is one of the most sought after application. Yet, our Free Hit Counter is absolutely and 100% free. It involves no hidden cost, no limited usage period, no cryptic clause, it doesn’t need you to fill up long online forms. You also don’t need to supply your E-Mail address or Phone number. Just copy paste the HTML code and you get to enjoy your customized copy of Free Hit Counters.

The Free Hit Counters leads the bandwagon of similar tools, in skillfully abstracting the internal programmatic complexities and provides an interface that’s easy and user-friendly. While most similar products available in the market charge whopping price or involves substantial programming overhead, the Free Hit Counters is relatively unique in its offerings. It’s free and yet very simple to use.

Our developers also anticipated that a business owner would typically need to monitor the visitor count for each webpage or blog associated with each product or service offered. This is the reason, they have designed the Free Hit Counter is such a way that it could be placed on each page and can track visitors at each page. So make sure you utilize the benefit of the Free Hit Counter by pasting the HTML on each page, rather than on the master layout.

Counters work with all CMS and Blog Systems

The simplicity and convenience of the Hit Counters is that it integrates seamlessly with almost every leading free web-hosting provider; leading CMS systems and even if you own a web blog. The business owner or blogger is spared of the horrors involved in plugging in the counter onto their website. The complex details involving the host of browser traffic is handled internally. The Counter provides the most compact statistics in terms of visitors currently online, the visitors who visited yesterday or the total number of users who ever visited the website. Here’s a consolidated list of all common blogs, forums and web-hosting spaces which works brilliantly with Free Hit Counter.

  • The Free Hit Counter works perfectly with free webspace hosts such as, jimdo or lima-city.
  • The Counter also works with CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, Jimdo, Joomla.
  • It also works with immensely popular Blog-systems such as Blogspot or Blogger.
  • And also with forums such as phpBB, WBB, vBulletin.

It’s time you monitor all your organic traffic and propel your sales to an all new level with the exclusive version of Free Hit Counters.